Massage guns can be used as a self soft tissue mobilization tool. It is an advanced alternative to foam rolling. Some of the benefits of using a massage gun are decreased general stress and pain, reduction of tissue tension and enhanced recovery.  Massage guns work through increased local blood flow, decreased lactic acid and interruption of the pain cycle in the brain.

Massage guns are not beneficial only for the athletic population or Physical specialists. You yourself may consider using It because it can reduce pain and stiffness which occur due to a sedentary lifestyle and increased stress.

Who am I

My name is Nejc Simenko, I am a recognized Kinesiologist working with International Elite athletes and the general population, focusing on a return to sport after Injuries.

I’ve tested several massage guns since 2017 when they became adopted by the general market. This is my official recommendation for Therapymassagegun and I will discuss why I chose Therapymassagegun over other already widely established brands.

I use Therapymassagegun with my clients as a part of soft tissue management during the middle and late stages of rehabilitation.

We often face the problem of stiff knee syndrome which is not uncommon when longer immobilization period had been applied after different knee surgeries.

I use Therapymassagegun to increase the range of motion via stiff hamstring and quadriceps muscle release. Usually, I apply a 15-minute pre-workout routine with Therapymassagegun using 60-70% of maximum gun vibration power and more pressure to effectively mobilize the soft tissue.

As a Rehabilitation and pain relief method, we also apply massage gun therapy with our spine patients due to Its vast benefits. Back pain patients are our strong and successful field with more than 200 clients annually treating at our facility due to severe back pain.

Pain in the back occurs for several reasons but two most often are stiff back muscles and muscle spasms.

Stiff back muscles will lead to severe pain in the lumbar region

This may develop gradually because of poor movement habits or, occur suddenly.

More than 90% of patients with back pain are not suitable for surgery since the origin of their pain is the dysfunctional muscle due to two common reasons mentioned above. This means that we have to manipulate the joint and surrounding muscles to manage the pain.

We apply the Therapymassagegun with clients that show m. extensor spinal asymmetries measured with TMG 1 diagnostics.

What is TMG diagnostics

TMG muscle diagnostics provides information about muscle contractile properties in an objective selective and noninvasive way. It gives us measurable data about:

  • muscle composition,
  • muscle functional characteristics,
  • local muscle fatigue,
  • atrophy,
  • muscle inhibition,
  • spasticity,
  • tonus,
  • and more.

High repeatability enables long term monitoring of acute and chronic changes in muscle function. More info about TMG:

Often we see side affected by pain developing longer relaxation times after an initial contraction had been applied with TMG electric impulse, the muscle is generally less responsive to impulse resulting in 20 – 50% functional asymmetry compared to the unaffected side.

What did we do?

We apply 10-minute vibration therapy unilaterally, working the affected side to release the muscle tissue initial to the strength training session. I apply flat attachment and use the lower vibration power to slowly warm up and release the muscle, working the muscle belly longitudinally from three different angles in several repetitions increasing my pressure gradually.

For back pain issues, we recommend using flat attachment working the center of the muscle belly and setting the gun to  45 -60-degree angle, using method 6 x 6 x 6. 6 series of 6 longitudinal repetitions over the affected side, each repetition should take 6 seconds to cover the affected region.

Each repetition you should increase the applied pressure and take at least a 5-second break between every repetition.

Work the muscle from three different areas, normally the center and both sides if you work longitudinal muscles like m. erector spinae.

While working with elite athletes during their off-season, I use Therapymassagegun as a Recovery protocol. Usually, I apply a 20-minute post-workout routine with Therapymassagegun using 30-50% of maximum gun vibration power and light pressure to effectively increase the muscle blood flow.

I use Therapymassagegun as part of my personal training programs, with clients that are affected by the stiff neck syndrome due to sedentary work or stressful lifestyle.  

Usually, I apply a 10-minute pre-workout routine with Therapymassagegun using 50-60% of maximum gun vibration power intensity and more pressure to effectively mobilize the soft tissue in the combination with some manual techniques and posture exercises.

The most important for me when choosing the massage are reliability, noise, and battery life.

I work in a strictly professional environment and need something that I know is well-made and won’t malfunction during my sessions.

The next most important factor is noise. For me, It is important to talk normally with my clients while using the gun without yelling at them, as this was a problem with some other massage gun brands.

Keeping treatment quiet and professional is a major priority in private health organizations.

Battery life

Sometimes we use a gun while work on the field and we can’t have guns dying in the middle of treatment. I expect a gun to last several full days without requiring a charge.

For me professionally the Therapymassagegun was  “an absolute game-changer in rehabilitation and sports performance.” Due to Its function to adapt the vibration to the client. Normal I experienced guns to have two or three different stages of vibration power.

With Therapymassagegun I was able to work on a wide vibration power scale since It enables 7 – 12 different power zones, depending on the version. For me, this is the main advantage of the Therapymassagegun compared to some other established brands.

With Therapymassagegun I managed to work with more than 20 clients on my regular work schedule before It needed charging, also I never had any problems on the field.

I believe that Therapymassagegun is a high-quality product and can be a great alternative and even better choice to some famous well-established massage gun brands on the market.

Even due It is a relatively new product, starting Its commercial way in late 2019, for me It is an absolute game-changer and I will continue to use Therapymassagegun further in my professional work.

Nevertheless, I believe that some well-established massage gun brands are highly overpriced and lack some of the latest features and upgrades of the new model like the Therapymassagegun.

Nejc Simenko, MSc of Kinesiology

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