If you deal with back problems, pains after sport and sore muscles then you have to read this.

We all have cope with pains, any sort of pain. And why should this massage gun help us to relief pain? It is called the percussive therapy which pulse sensitive areas into your muscles at speed. This specially engineered speed and amplitude of the pressure works to relieve pain, improve range of motion, enhance athletic performance, and accelerate recovery.

But are all this benefits really so much better from foam roller?

There is a lot of articles about foam rolling and how to use it. But it is not much written about muscle soreness where it is exposed by massage gun. Where we can clearly see it helps to relief pain.

 And what are the primary benefits of using the massage gun:

  1. Increases blood and lymphatic flow
  2. Breaks up scar tissue
  3. Activates the nervous system and muscles
  4. Natural stress relief
  5. Fasten the healing process of muscles by majorly increasing oxygen supply and growth hormones.
  6. Ease the pain associated with soft tissue damage
  7. Fasten the growth of muscle
  8. Enhance muscle responsiveness

Blood circulation

I would like to explain that exercise is still the most important thing and people who think buying a massage gun will be enough are mislead. This is just partialy true while we need exercising. It is our fuel – metabolic demand – and it is the main driver of circulation. Just pressure with massage gun on muscles won’t be enough. I hope this is clear.

Blood circulation

Breaks up scar tissue

In the early stages, scar tissue isn’t always painful. This is because nerves in the area may have been destroyed along with healthy body tissues.

But over time everyone develops scar tissue. It is normal body’s reaction to injury – no matter how big or small it is. Sometimes even simple actions that we wouldn’t regard as injury, can lead to a buildup of scar tissue. Everyday we do repetitive motions like working on cumputer – typing which cause micro-trauma to the soft tissue. This is well known carpal tunnel syndrom. As part of the repair process, scar tissue is created. After years of doing the same motions this affect on the smooth movement of muscles. 

Sometimes scar tissue can be painless. When it comes to scar tissue on your skin, you may notice it has a thicker texture compared to the rest of your body and that’s it.

But often we had pain. Our scar tissue pain can include:

  • reduced range of motion
  • inflammation (swelling)
  • throbbing
  • sensitivity (to the touch)

There are known cases where people improved a lot after surgery when using massage gun. It helped them improved much faster and with less pain and discomfort. If you use it daily, you can improve a lot.

The most appropriate types of massage used to breakdown scar tissue include sports massage and deep tissue massage with a massage gun.

Massage with massage gun is used to break down scar tissue. You can mainly focus on areas containing soft tissues. Massage can vary in pressure (different gears) depending on personal preference. The breakdown of scar tissue occurs during a massage with massage gun as an increase in temperature of the scar tissue is encouraged. An increase in temperature helps the scar tissue to loosen and be broken down more easily.


Activates the nervous system and muscles

For every activity on the muscles, the nervous system gets notified. The nervous system stimulates and regulates the activity of the muscles and maintains the body’s homeostasis. Massage gun will help you stimulate the receptors of the sympathetic nervous system, which causes vasolidation in the skin.

Natural stress relief

You can help with a device on tense or tight muscles. Use it for two minutes every days to help release stress. It is the best to work around the areas with the round massage head, instead of directly on the knot.

Fasten the healing process of muscles by majorly increasing oxygen supply and growth hormones

Increased oxygenation is the process in which an increase in blood flow supplies muscles and other cells within the body with an increase in oxygen. An increase in oxygenation can increase muscular energy, reduce muscular fatigue and keep muscles strong and healthy. Massage gun can help you will all that.

What are the benefits of increased oxygenation?

  1. You maintain healthy muscles
  2. You improve and maximize performance
  3. Reduced muscle soreness

Ease the pain associated with soft tissue damage

Injuries to these structures represent the majority of musculoskeletal injuries. Ignoring the swelling and pain associated with these injuries can lead to more serious problems.

Massage gun can help you relieve the pain of soft tissue injuries and aid in faster recovery times. The best solution to that is also combining chiropratic treatment along with massage therapy.

What are the most common soft tissue injuries

  • Contusion – when you get some bruise, tissue bellow the skin is damaged
  • Sprain – when you overstretch you ligaments.
  • Strain – it is simillar to a sprain which affects the muscles and tendans. If we ignore strains and sprains it can lead to more pain.

Injuries like strains and sprains could be accompanied by restrictions in the spine. We can do that with help of massage gun and chiropractic adjustment.


Fasten the growth of muscle

When you are physical active you should consider how your body will cool down and help muscles to relax after exertion.

The act of exercising causes a lactic acid build up, which can lead to muscle damage. A massage helps the muscle decrease it’s stores of lactic acid.


We know that massage helps us and after that we all feel better. Why not having massage gun at your home?

It is up to you, but I can clearly say that massage gun helped me a lot.

Vesna Jere


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